How Does Counselling Work?

I provide a unique space in which you can share your innermost issues, the environment is safe and supportive but above all it is confidential.

 As a counsellor I do not give advice but I will help you find what it is you are looking for and help you to make sense of the difficulties and challenges of modern day life.

 I will invite you to consider the possibilities of change and find ways around the limitations of your situation and to help you think about the choices you have and the new direction you wish to take in life.

 Your time with me can help you make changes you want in your life, but only if you want to be helped and you are open to thinking about your life and possibilities for change.

 There will be times when the counselling sessions can be challenging and thought-provoking but eventually the sessions will become rewarding. Counselling can help you live a life you want to live whether it is creatively or socially the list is endless as there is always a new direction that one can take.

 I will offer support and an environment for you to fully explore your inner thoughts, issues and feelings at a pace that is comfortable only for you, and I will facilitate your growth and be there with you on your journey of self-discovery.

 The trust that builds between myself and the client is paramount to the therapeutic relationship, it is this respect and mutual trust that allows the client to work on issues to find your answers so that they can function once again.

 Counselling involves meeting on a regular basis normally once a week where the counsellor assists you in thinking about your life and talking through your difficult issues in a professional, caring and confidential manner, in a supportive and save environment.

 I work with both short-term and long-term counselling.


This is a fantastic little poem about counselling and what a counsellor can do for their client, but sadly the author is unknown.


I am here to listen

Not to make miracles

I am here to help you discover what your are feeling

Not to make your feeling go away

I am here to identify your options

Not to decide for you what you should do

I am here to discuss difficult steps with you

Not to take the steps for you

I am here to help you discover your own strengths

Not to rescue you and leave you still vulnerable

I am here to help you discover you can help yourself

Not to take responsibility for you

I am here to help you to learn to choose

Not to make it unnecessary for you make a difficult choice

I am here to provide support for change

Author unknown